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How To Find Your Target Market

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Target Market is essential in selling for any small buisness, including Etsy. In fact, this package works for any small buisness owner looking to understand and how to find their essential target market. In this package, I will show you how to research using different tools on the internet all that your target audience is. This can cover demographics from gender, age, behaviours, interests. locations, pages they tend to visit and click, occupations, finanial income and more. This will help you when formulating ads, Facebook campaigns, and keywords, so that you are not wasting money throwing ads at people that are not your primary buyers. Research with the right tools can drive tremendous traffic to your store! So let's learn the essentials and get you on your way to getting your handmade products selling on Etsy and your small business ads targeting the right people. This is the tool to successfully market for any business wanting to make the most use of the money they are spending on ads. Target Market your ads and watch the difference it makes in your store or website.