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Seo Services, How To Use Etsy SEO And TAGS

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Etsy SEO and tags are essential to selling on Etsy. Etsy has new software and many changes for 2018.The Etsy algorithm looks at this very closely and even a wrong spelled word of letter off can set the whole SEO off. Are you online searching all over for advise for how to do Etsy SEO and tags on your products? Are you in Etsy groups asking a bunch of users how to do it in Facebook? I read these threads in Facebook all the time and they are wrong ALOT of the time. Are you simply describing your handmade items in great detail hoping that Etsy SEO will distinguish your item? If any of these apply to you, you need my services. I will clear up everything for you. This with photography are the top essential issues with Etsy sellers. If you get this wrong, your already behind the process.  I will show you how to find your SEO, properly type your SEO in the right order and how to use your tags in the exact way to get your products on front pages. Etsy SEO and tags are essential and exact when done correctly. I will show you the new and up to  date way to use titles and tags with the new Etsy changes going on currently.