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Selling on Etsy, One On One Etsy Coaching

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Selling on Etsy can be a steep learning curve. If you are a seasoned seller or if you are brand new to Etsy, this package is for you. Etsy has changed for and I am ready to help you figure out the new way of titles and tags for 2018. The new changes are effecting your whole store so you need to know how the new software works. I have information from direct higher ups in Etsy with direct connections to the top experts.  I am a 5 star Etsy coach who has successful trained hundreds and have gotten their items on front pages. I am taking years of research and coaching and giving it all to you in a 2 hour nutshell.  Your saving yourself time, sales, research, and money. This is a full consultation, that will show you everything you need to know to have a successful Etsy store. In this package, you have the advantage of talking directly to me and working with me one on one.  I will have you first watch a video of a full walk thru that is one hour and 25 min approx. This will be in my closed VIP Facebook group only for clients who have paid for coaching. This group has continual updates, reminders and webinars on current issues regarding Etsy. I am there to answer your questions as well. I will be soon providing discounts to in depth packages regarding deep marketing strategies etc.  to VIP only. This group is currently free but only available to my clients. At your own pace and leisure, I will set an appointment up when your ready to talk one on one after the video. Then you are able to see visually what is needed to set up your store and do listings. After you watch the video, I spent a hour or so going over how to implement your products in your store on the phone or via Skype. I also spend time over any confusion or questions from the video. Other sellers often send a vague email or video. I will either use Skype (which is free) where I can screen share with you, or the phone to walk you through the process. I will use your product and show you how to best utilize SEO, tags, descriptions, attributions, social media, app navigation, competitive analysis, google analytics, social media marketing, ads and groups, market saturation, tips, tricks and much more. 

We will discuss all that goes into the algorithm, so you understand how it works. I will also teach how to interact with customers providing excellent customer service and how to ask for and get great reviews. This is the most comprehensive package you can buy that covers all you need.  You also have the option of adding in depth training for Facebook campaigns that teaches you your specific target market for your product in great detail. You will use these to target your customers in custom made ads that target those demographics. I show you how to research your target audience for your product and how to create a full in depth and specific campaign to gain traffic and conversion in your shop. Wasting years and money in a shop that is not converting into sales is tons of time and money wasted. The best investment you can make in any eCommerce project is to invest into an expert. If you have questions for me please feel free to message me, I would be more that happy to answer any questions. It is a privilege and a blessing to help you succeed! Please read client reviews on top of page!!  Selling on Etsy can be rewarding and successful.