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Facebook Marketing, How To Create Campaigns

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Facebook marketing can change the whole world of your website and drive traffic straight to your site. Did you know you can analyze, using different internet tools, what your customers look at, how much they make, their gender, if they are homeowners, even down to the cities they buy in most? This is called your target market. You can then make Facebook campaigns and ads targeting the demographics of your target market and even split up campaigns to try different approaches. One campaign may focus on cities or states while another campaign focuses on websites your users click on regularly. These are called split campaigns. I will show you how to successfully make target market campaigns that drive traffic and sales conversions to your store using Facebook marketing strategies that work. This will take 1 to 2 hours of training and it has the possibility of driving large amounts of traffic to your store. I will show you in great detail who is likely to buy your products you sell and their interests. I will also show you how your item has trended over time. Lets get started and boost your facebook marketing strategies and increase those sales!