etsy shop mini critique

Etsy Shop Mini Critique

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Thank you for choosing me for your shop mini overview. This is approx. 25 min quick overview or critique of your Etsy Store. I am an Etsy 5 star coach who has helped hundreds get their products on front pages. Feel free to look at my reviews!

In this critique, I will give you my honest opinion of your strengths and weaknesses and help either by phone, messenger or email. Please let me know which is best for via email or in a note. I will get back to you as soon as possible to schedule your overview.

For full coaching and other options that cover exactly how to do SEO and find your keywords related to your product check out my coaching session full tutorial on the main page.

In the full coaching, I offer a one on one detailed walk thru approx 2 hour showing you ALL essentials of Etsy, and how to find your keywords and create a quality listing with the new conversion Etsy has made for 2018. I cover everything from branding, photo tips, social media, competitive analysis, market saturation, how to make your page pop, listing details, website navigation, marketing and more.