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Etsy SEO, title and tags done for you

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Etsy SEO can be very confusing yet important. Much has changed in Etsy for 2018. If you don't have a keyword tool or are to busy to do tags and titles, I can do them for you. I will use the most recent, best practice for Etsy SEO to find you appropriate keywords and tags. I will email them to you to copy and paste into Etsy. They need 30 to 60 days to WORK. Please select how many you want or email me with a custom number for a custom price. I have preset bundle packages in here as well for you to choose from with bundle prices.  Please note: it is impossible for me or anyone to guarantee sales due to so many shifting factors such as the quality of your photo, price, reviews etc. I am offering you the best up to date keyword knowledge at the time I do your listing. It is best to research thru your Etsy stats what phrases or words your being found best at and also to thing of all different ways your products can be described or used as variation is great. This will help. Me use what's best for you. So no more worries about Etsy SEO, I will help you do the leg work.