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10 Etsy Bundle SEO, Titles and Tags

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Does selling on Etsy and Etsy SEO have you pulling your hair? Do you work full time and want someone to do the work for you? I have access to great keyword makers and have worked with hundreds of clients. I know how to use the titles and tags in a way that gets you all over Etsy. I will email you the titles and tags to you and you just copy and paste them in your Etsy store. This saves you lots of time and energy.

Please note that testing your shop and your niche is imperative. You need to test these at least 30 days. Etsy SEO can be done in different ways but I am going to give you what I believe is the current best practice. I cannot guarantee you sales as no one can. It varies on pricing, customer service, reviews, photos and much more. My goal is to optimize your titles and tags. However, it's just as imperative when selling on Etsy the rest of your shop is done well. So,  if you are unsure, please do full coaching. If you have a custom number of listings, I will be glad to do a custom price for you. Please message me with questions. It will be very helpful to review your stats and let me know what phrases have worked great for you and the who, what, when and why for using your products, so we can be as dynamic as possible. I cant wait to work with you!!