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20 Etsy SEO- Tags and Titles

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This is for anyone who wants an experienced coach to go into their Etsy SEO and do their titles and tags for them. I have many clients who have full time jobs and just want to pay a coach to their listings.There are different ways to do Etsy SEO, but I will be giving you what i feel is the best current practice in consideration of Etsy's new changes for 2018. 

Please note it is best to test your store and give it  30 days minimum testing time to see if it works for you. It will be helpful for you to look at your stats in your Etsy store and find what Etsy SEO is working for you currently. If you can think of who, what when and why for your products, this would be helpful. I cannot guarantee sales. Sales are dependent on price, picture, reviews and many factors. I will do my very best with my keyword tools and knowledge to optimize your Etsy SEO. I will send them to you via email so you can simply copy and paste your titles and tags right into your Etsy Store.