How To Sell On Etsy Successfully, Becoming An Established Artisan

What does it take to be a handmade artisan on Etsy? Etsy is a wonderful platform to sell your products on as it is provides millions of sellers and buyers as traffic to its site. Creating and designing is exciting and a great outlet for the creative. 

So how does selling on Etsy work? Unfortunately, uploading your wonderful creations and simply putting a price on it is not how any platform works. It takes work...lots of work. If you want to succeed you must be educated on the algorithm Etsy uses and how how to properly implement many different aspects of success.  Excellent photography, SEO (search engine optimization), tags, descriptions all have to be excellent. Get these wrong your already behind the game and loosing. There is much competition, so making a plan on how you will stand out differently from your competition and studying your niche is a good game plan before starting. Study the trends of your niche and how much competition you have. If your willing to research, study, and put much effort in to your store, you can succeed. Social media marketing such as Facebook and Instagram are all essential in growing your brands. It goes beyond curating a beautiful picture and using hashtags. There are specific marketing strategies you can use to target buyers towards your products. It is also a great idea to study your target market and who exactly they are, what they do and how they act. There are many analytics tools  available and I have a package to help you learn that. 

If you are new to Etsy, social media or marketing, I am here to help. I can coach you on every aspect of Etsy walking you thru all the details that make will optimize your store. If you use Facebook, but have no idea how to make a detailed target market campaign, I am here to help! Maybe you use Instagram and post pictures but struggle with a following. Whatever the issue is, this site can guide you on how to do all these things. I always invite questions and inquiries. Knowledge is power and the key to success.