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WELCOME!! I am so glad you are here! I know the struggles of selling on Etsy and how hard it is to get your handmade products seen. I did what you are probably doing now...searching you tube videos, asking people questions on Etsy selling groups, reading the handbook and more. I will save you all the trouble and show you exactly how you need to do everything to get seen on front pages and get traffic to your store. You can do this and with knowledge comes great success. LETS DO THIS! 

Extensive Etsy Coaching

In this site, you will find a few different packages give you the keys to Etsy to be successful. I offer one on one, 2 hour phone or Skype coaching sessions, taking you products and walking you thru the entire process. I take all the knowledge that took me many months to learn and speed your process up by giving it to you in a nutshell. You will understand ALL Etsy essentials, SEO, marketing strategies and much much more. I invite you to read each description of the packages I offer. I cannot wait to answer your questions and hear the excitement I often hear when you see your products on the front lines. Also, please take a minute to read the client reviews I have under the top tab. Are you ready to finally get selling on Etsy? I can't wait!

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Get you FREE Etsy cheat sheet

Get you FREE Etsy cheat sheet

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How To Sell On Etsy Successfully, Becoming An Established Artisan

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I can not say enough wonderful things about my experience. She was extremely fast and her changes put me on page 1 of several searches.

Holly S.

Kristen was very helpful and knowledgeable in guiding me through the process of strategically planning my SEO titles for my shop listings. The very first tip she gave me was worth the cost of the coaching! But I received many practical and useful tips! I highly recommend Kristen's services to help you get higher rankings in Etsy's search engine.

Jennifer M.

When she coached me on the phone, it was the end of July and I didn't even have 100 sales. It is now the beginning of November and just today I hit my 500th sale. In 3 1/2 months after working with her I have sold 420 items and every month is better than the previous. If you are on the fence, don't be. I am telling you her coaching is unsurpassed (she still takes the time to answer me every time I have a question) and it it worth every single penny.
So thank you Kristen, and my mom thanks you because with the money I have earned via Etsy, I was able to get her a vacation to Europe for Christmas!

Erin H.
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